Intel will soon overcome 90nm problems

Deep throats we managed to exercise at CeBIT were keen to suggest that Intel's struggle with a 90nm process won't last forever. Our sources were not Intel biased or anything of the sort. They based their statements on facts that have come their way and some basic logic. And they told us that it's just a matter of time before Intel fixes all its overheating problems with its 90 nanometer marchitecture, as exemplified by Prescott.

Intel has seven fabs and over 70,000 employees. And many of these are world number one engineers. It won't take them millions of man-days to get the right formula for this marchitectural notch on the bedpost of chippery-pokery, we are assured. Don't underestimate the mighty power of Intel, that's all we have to add. No matter how hard you fall, you tend to get back on your feet. And Intel will rise again once again from a slumber that has AMD permeating its reverie. The Athlon 64 is a very nice CPU but it will have some nasty competition when, in one of the upcoming Prescott revisions, Intel manages to lower it chip's heat dissipation.

News source: The Inquirer

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