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Introducing the QuirkLogic Quilla, not your father's office whiteboard

QuirkLogic, a company specializing in technology to help improve corporate teams’ productivity, has decided to tackle the ubiquitous office whiteboard with its new Quilla Connected eWriter system. Bucking the trend of high-def touchscreens bolted to walls, à la Microsoft’s Surface Hub, the Quilla instead uses E Ink Holding’s ePaper technology to create a giant whiteboard that looks and behaves much the same as what resides in offices around the world.

With a display clocking in at 42” and weighing a surprisingly svelte 22lbs, the battery powered Quilla is designed to be rather portable, encouraging teams to bring it from room to room. QuirkLogic even built in a pretty slick party trick: the ability to link multiple displays together, effectively expanding your workspace.

The ePaper display may not provide the visual flare of its high-def competitors, but the high contrast, low power consumption panel is easy to read and an excellent choice for use under flickering florescent lights. Plus, its ability to be always on means users just need to pick up a pen and start writing to use it, and simply walk away when they’re done for their scribbles to be saved. An added bonus is the familiar pen feel ePaper displays offer their users.

Additional features include:

  • Personal login with a mobile phone for immediate access to your library

  • Content is persistently displayed -- quickly pick up where you last left off

  • Connect and share content with others from the centralized content library

  • Unlimited workbooks and pages, so users never have to search for paper

  • Intuitive design with discoverable contextual menus -- touch to copy, move, erase, zoom

Pricing is unavailable as of the time of writing, but QuirkLogic is anticipating general availability in late Q2 of 2017. They’re also currently accepting applications for their Early Adopter program, beginning in February.

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Source: QuirkLogic | Image: QuirkLogic

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