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iPad 2 protected from rolling car by "extreme" sleeve

Apple's iPad 2 is one of the most popular consumer electronic products, if not the most popular, of 2011. But as more and more of the tablets are sold so are the chances that some of them will find themselves in unfortunate accidents. How do you protect your iPad 2 from being damaged due to, for example, having it be run over by a car?

The company G-Form believes it has a way to protect iPad and iPad 2 tablets with its "extreme" sleeve. Earlier this month we covered a story on how a MacBook Pro survived a balcony drop, and another video showed a 12 pound bowling ball hitting an iPad 2 from a height of three feet with no issues. But seriously, in real life such a situation is not likely (unless you are in the habit of taking your iPad 2 to your local bowling alley). So the folks over at the Mobile Syrup web site decided to have a much more practical and perhaps more extreme test. They tested the G-Form sleeve with the iPad 2 by running it over with a car, something that could certainly happen in real life, especially in densely populated cities.

The video, shown below, shows the final results of Mobile Syrup's test. After throwing the iPad 2 around a couple of times on the street the iPad 2 with the G-Form sleeve got hit pretty hard by a car. While the video that was running on the iPad 2 at the time stopped after the car hit it, you should be able to see that the iPad 2 survived intact and with no ill effects.

The G-Form sleeve comes in both yellow and black for the iPad 2 and sells for about $60. And there's good news for laptop users; G-Form is taking pre-orders for a laptop version of its sleeve for $70.

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