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iPhone 6, Ebola top this year's most searched Google terms

"In 2014 we searched trillions of times," opens Google's intensely dramatic Year in Search 2014 video. "What do these searches say about us?"

Apparently they say we search the same stuff everyone has already been talking about. The list, which is actually a series of search categories ranging anywhere from global news to consumer electronics, follows the same fairly obvious trends as it has in previous years.

Topping the list for global trending searches in 2014 are 'Robin Williams,' who tragically died earlier this year; 'The World Cup,' especially after the 7-1 victory Germany took over Brazil; and 'Ebola,' of which 2014 has seen the largest outbreak of all time.The only vaguely technology-related result topping the global search trends list in 2014 is 'Flappy Bird,' which beat out militant group ISIS and Disney's movie, Frozen, for the sixth spot.

In consumer electronics, Apple dominated, taking the top search trend spot with 'iPhone 6.' The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Nexus 6 took the second and third spots respectively, while Microsoft's Xbox One was only the 7th most searched term in consumer electronics (and PS4 didn't even make the top 10).

Although the world seemingly still cares more about celebrities and cake recipes than the hottest new gadgets, the trillions of searches cited by Google represent a huge percentage of people living and sharing parts of their lives online.

And the company is particularly proud of all these search results, as they should be: the searches represent Google's place as a technology empire that's in the middle of our digital lives and is now nearly impossible to avoid.

Source: Google

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