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iPhone Dev Team software stolen and resold

The popular group known as the iPhone Dev Team has worked hard to release an iPhone 3G unlock for no charge to the general public. Their hard work goes unpaid and is only for the benefit of the general populous and they ask for nothing in return.

Jody Sanders of the West Midlands, UK has decided that it is ok to steal the software and sell it for the hefty sum of £19.99 DIY (£49.99 in-store at either London or Birmingham).

A post written over at blog.iphone-dev.org states that "Jody's 'software' contains our code and also copyrighted code from elsewhere."

The iPhone Dev Team is asking that you help spread the word of this despicable act.

The team has also been the target of people who have registered the quickpwn.com and yellowsn0w.net domains. (Both sites have been intentionally not linked to) The owners have done a great job of making a huge profit from ad revenue by plastering the pages with so many adverts that the sites load slower than your gran on a bicycle. When visiting the sites it's not immediately clear that it isn't an official source and the owners have made no effort to clarify this amongst the volume of adverts. The only "official" source for these tools is the iPhone Dev Team Blog, and they are 100% free. While the team has tried to spread awareness of these non official sites, this hasn't stopped numerous other mainstream blogging sites from linking to them.

Neowin Managing Editor, Michael Stanclift, contributed to this report.

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