Is Apple the largest PC maker in the United States?

The question is asked, is the iPad considered a computer? If you answer yes to that question, then Apple is the largest computer maker in the United States with a staggering 25% market share, which makes it the market leader.

But is the iPad really a computer? That's the big question as you can argue the idea either way. You could say that yes, it is a computer because it can be used to create, distribute, view, and edit content all on its own. Many users also report that they use the iPad far more often than they use their home computers, also at $499.99, it's priced higher than many netbooks. 

But there is also the counter-arguments that say the iPad is not a personal computer. The most valid argument against it not being a personal computer is that you need another computer to be able to use the device for the first time. 

Regardless if you consider the iPad a computer or not, Apple has created a massive wave in the tablet market. The sales of the iPad are into the millions and its not hard to argue that the device is the biggest hit since the iPhone. 

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