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iTunes bungle leaks 'Thor: Ragnarok' onto the internet

Image credit: Marvel Studios

The Odinson will not be pleased. The result of an apparent communication error between Apple's and Vudu's systems, the digital release of Thor: Ragnarok has been inadvertently pushed up by a month, as the movie is rapidly propagating across torrent sites.

The problem seems to stem from the Movies Anywhere program, which lets users experience their Disney video library across a variety of platforms, such as iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Video and others. While users were supposed to be able to only pre-order the movie on these platforms - the planned date for the digital release of the latest entry in the Marvel universe was February 20 - Reddit users earlier in the week started noticing that pre-ordering it on Vudu allowed them to view the movie immediately on iTunes.

Of course, it's not yet clear why iTunes was unable to process the planned release date but the blunder did mean users could not only stream the movie at home but also download a version for offline viewing. As you'd expect, pirates were soon able to circumvent iTunes' DRM protections and Thor: Ragnarok was well on its way to becoming to the hottest torrent (or Thorrent, if you will) of the week, topping the charts on several of these sites. Both 720p and 1080p cuts seem to be available at the moment.

Source: TorrentFreak via Gamespot

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