iTunes update kills Pre syncing

Apple has updated its iTunes platform making the current version 9.0.2. While it does add some new support for the newly released Apple TV 3.0 software, the biggest news is that this update breaks the ability for the Palm Pre to sync with iTunes.

The cat and mouse game has been going on since Palm announced that the Pre would have the ability to sync with iTunes, something Apple did not approve.

The Pre is able to sync itself by spoofing iTunes into thinking that an iPod is attached. The less than ethical approach has been given mixed reviews as Palm is clearly using iTunes as a marketing push when it is not paying royalties to Apple.

The ball is now in Palm's court and it's up to them if they will continue to pursue the iTunes platform. The likely answer is yes and we will continue to see the cat and mouse game continue between two giant corporations, except, unlike Palm, Apple has nearly unlimited resources to take control of the situation.

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