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Jobs says "nope" to rumor of App Store for OS X 10.7

Steve Jobs is trying to make news in as few words as possible these days. We thought it was pretty succinct of Jobs to answer "Sorry, no" to a customers query about iPhone 2G support, but this one officially takes the cake.

According to Macstories.net, Mac developer Fernando Valente sent an email to Jobs wondering about the rumors that Apple was going to release a Mac Store with OS X 10.7, a store with apps developed for Apple's flagship Operating System. Jobs' answer was simply:


The rumors were based on a few announcements from Rixstep, a big Apple developer, about apps built for 10.7 having to be submitted to an App Store for approval before release. 9to5Mac.com tied this, and other knowledge about the quietly developed 10.7 update, into a theory that there would be an iPhone-like App Store for OS X in the future. 

Well, in the words of the eloquent Jobs, "nope." That settles it then. 

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