Judge says "Bully" is A-OK

On Wednesday, Florida Judge Ronald Friedman ordered Take-Two to produce the controversial game Bully for review in order to rule whether or not the game is a "public nuisance," as declared by attorney Jack Thompson. Friedman said he was willing to review the game for 100 hours or more, but apparently a couple hours were all he needed.
Friedman will not prohibit the sale of Bully in Florida. He viewed the game for two hours, with Take-Two representatives jumping around the game for him with cheat codes, and came to the conclusion there is nothing in the game that a child cannot see on TV every night. Thompson, who recently told the Washington Post he's "pretty sure that the game is harmful to minors," was apparently angry with the judge's ruling.
In an email to GamePolitics.com, Thompson said: "The judge never viewed the entire game, as he promised he would. He took unsworn testimony from 2 Take-Two employees, with no right by me to cross-examine.
"...I am a Christian. I am not charged with winning these battles; I am charged with fighting them. I have done the right thing. When kids start showing up in ERs with slingshot wounds at the hands of Bully enthusiasts, don't blame me."

News source: IGN

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