jv16 PowerTools RC1B

Thanks Hilbrand E. for the heads up. If you have downloaded jv16 PowerTools 1.1 RC1 and it crashes or quits while you are using the registry cleaner then download the file again. Or if the registry cleaner finds a lot less ignored entries than it used to then you should also download the file again. I have uploaded a fixed version. The fixed version is called RC1b.

    What's new:
  • Improved a lot of file tool's performance.
  • Improved filetool's user interface quite a bit.
  • Fixed a bug in the file tool's duplicate finder. It sometimes found small files (< 2 k) as duplicates even if they weren't.
  • Improved the registry tool's registry cleaner. It's a lot slower (3x-4x slower than beta) than it used to be but it finds more invalid entries.
  • Improved the registry tool's safety.
  • Fixed the file tool's mp3 info retriever part. It now works much better.
  • Improved the installer, it now gives you much more options how to install the program.
  • Improved the network code in a way that all network traffic is now encrypted.
  • Removed the ActiveX / COM scanner. I will add it when I get it to work (not any time soon)
  • Fixed a lot of small bugs.
  • Known bugs:

  • The min, max and close window buttons do not work under WinXP SP1 is the visual styles are enabled.
  • If you scroll the list of the registry tool at the exact same time the program adds a new item to it the list goes crazy.
  • The file tool's option to find files based on the file's size doesn't work on very large files (> 4-5 GB)
  • The network features don't work on slow computers / networks
Download: jv16 PowerTools RC1B

View: jv16 PowerTools

This is RC software! please use caution when installing it on your system.

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