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KDevelop4 shaping up

KDevelop4 is the Qt4 port of successful open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) KDevelop. Though it is more than just a port, in fact it is almost a complete rewrite as you will soon learn.

It is clear, just by looking at our Neowin forums that people, to this day, are still in search of a better IDE. Well lookout guys because this is an IDE you may want to keep track of. It has all the advanced features of a modern development suite you have come to expect plus some new ideas. Most importantly, it now runs on Windows too.

The revamping of KDevelop had a late start but managed to pick up quickly with a new user interface being designed at the start of last year. Improving on the dullness of the original KDevelop, this project utilised the Qt4 toolkit to provide a easy to use and beautiful interface consistent with KDE4.

Thanks to David Nolden (zwabel), the code completion of KDevelop4 has been enhanced to the point where it perhaps surpasses that of the better-known IDEs in terms of flexibility, ease of use and convenience. David realised that there seems to be two types of developers. Those that prefer code completion to speed up their writing process and those that prefer code completion to be a form of 'in-line documentation', providing details of the classes and libraries they are using and the options available to them. In this modernised code completion, he believes all users are catered for.

KDevelop4 has been in development for roughly two years now with KDE4.2 fast approaching, yet the project still carries the 'alpha' moniker. Binaries for the latest KDevelop4 Alpha 3 were released for Opensuse yesterday.

Developer Blog: Zwabel

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