Ke$ha no longer uses Nokia Lumia 920; music video edited

It's not a shock to hear that music videos include product placements. So when we posted word that pop singer Ke$ha was seen using a Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone as part of her new "Die Young" music video, we assumed it was part of a new campaign for Nokia's new Windows Phone 8 device.

Apparently, the music video's appearance on YouTube has generated a ton of negative comments, despite its over two million views since it launched on November 8th. Now it appears that Nokia has decided to cut and run from Ke$ha and this particular product placement opportunity.

Originally the Nokia Lumia 920 showed up in between the 1:22 and 1:32 minute time period in the video. Now a new version has been uploaded to YouTube that adds new content to those same seconds but eliminates Ke$ha's use of the smartphone. However, that has not stopped others from uploading the original version.

While Nokia has yet to launch its own dedicated TV commercial for the Lumia 920, AT&T did show the phone off in a recent TV ad. As we mentioned earlier today, the first Windows Phone 8 TV ad are reportedly ready to start running on major TV networks beginning on Sunday.

Via: Winsyde
Source: Die Young video on YouTube

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