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Kim Dotcom teases the future of Megabox

Kim Dotcom is rapidly becoming a famous name among tech circles. The German founder of the Hong Kong-based Megaupload is becoming very vocal in his comments and criticisms of the established copyright system. Megaupload was famous for being a pirate's dream, but Dotcom has been expressing interest in a new method of completely legitimate content delivery.

Maintaining the naming scheme of 'Mega___', this new service was to be called Megabox, though was released before Dotcom's arrest. Megabox is meant to shift the balance of power from sites like Pandora and Spotify, both of whom have received criticism for the meager slice of profit pie given to the original musicians.

Above are the two promotional videos which appeared online earlier today. Wanted man or not, Dotcom is putting plenty of work into this new service. He has already stated that some artists are signed onto Megabox under 'exclusive terms', despite the artists and terms being unknown. Watch the videos closely and you can get a glimpse of what seems to be Will.I.Am's page.

Dotcom was due to be extradited to the United States to stand trial, but he has managed to keep free from this for some time yet. As for Megabox's release date, the only information shown is "Coming Soon". We hope it comes sooner than his trial.

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