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Leaked benchmarks of Pixel 9 show modest performance improvements over Pixel 8

Pixel 9 series leaked images

Google isn't the best when it comes to keeping its products under wraps before their official launch. Recently, we had our first look at the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL, thanks to the leaked images showcasing the devices from all sides.

The devices were also compared with the current generation of iPhone 15 devices. Notably, the Pixel 9 and the Pixel 9 Pro are of the same size as the iPhone 15 Pro, whereas the Pixel 9 Pro XL is close to the size of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The leaked images of the Pixel 9 series also gave us a look at the new camera module that Google has embedded in the new lineup.

Now, images of the benchmark test results have been shared on X by Rozetked, giving us a peek at the Tensor G4 chipset along with its 1+3+4 core configuration. As per the benchmark images, the Tensor G4 consists of an 8-core configuration, which includes one Cortex-X4 at 3.1GHz, three Cortex-A720 at 2.6GHz, and four Cortex-A520 at 1.95GHz.

The Tensor G3 chipset had a 9-core setup, compared to the 8-core setup on the Tensor G4, meaning the latest processor has one less core. However, the Tensor G4 chipset inside the Pixel 9 series is capable of operating at higher frequencies compared to the previous generation Tensor G3 SoC.

The leaked benchmark images show the AnTuTu scores of the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL. The scores range from 1.07 million to 1.17 million, with the Pixel 9 Pro XL scoring the highest. Here is the complete test result of the Pixel 9 series on AnTuTu:

  • Pixel 9 (Tokay) – 1.07 million points
  • Pixel 9 Pro (Caiman) – 1.14 million points
  • Pixel 9 Pro XL (Komodo) – 1.17 million points

The Pixel 8 vanilla model, in comparison, scores around 900,000 points, which means that the Pixel 9 has gained modest performance improvements. These are just early days for the Pixel 9 series, and after more tuning and performance enhancements, we may be able to get the correct benchmark results.

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