Lets All Laugh At Michael Robertson

One of the most insane things I've ever read in my entire life just made me laugh and cry. Stop the press, don't install Microsoft Office 2003 guys, it's the world's most dangerous virus according to Michael Robertson (the guy who owns Lindows).

I think Michael's problem is that he is obsessed with Microsoft Windows. Not content with playing around with the name Windows/Lindows, he is now fantasizing about how he would like to be good old Mr Bill Gates himself with his ultimate back door trojan - MS Office 2003. Seriously whether you're a Linux fan, Apple fan or simply a Microsoft fan read this article as it's more than funny. Whilst you're there sign up to his mailing list, this will make sure that you get updates so you can laugh again at the expense of Michael, weekly.

View: View The World's Most Dangerous Virus

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