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Lindows to press on with release in 2002

I received an email from Lindows.com today who despite the threats from Microsoft to drop the name "Lindows" have decided to press on with a release in early 2002 instead of the previously announced December 2001. Heres is the email below:

Email from Lindows.com: We thought you'd want to be kept informed of developments at Lindows.com(TM) as we close out 2001 and head into 2002.

First off, I have to apologize for not releasing our Sneak Preview as we talked about doing by the end of December. We're very close, but unfortunately an issue came up.

Microsoft Corporation filed a lawsuit against us claiming that people would confuse our product LindowsOS with their product Windows XP Professional/Home. We don't believe computer users will confuse our products in any way. (If you'd like to learn more about this situation, you can read a letter from me to Bill Gates of Microsoft here.)

Dealing with a lawsuit can be a distraction - especially for a small company - but we're committed to our goal and we won't allow this issue to derail us. We formed Lindows.com just 5 months ago with the intention of bringing choice to the computing world. We can't claim the lawsuit hasn't slowed us down, but it won't deter us. I'd ask for a bit extra patience during this time.

We still plan on selling the first version of LindowsOS when we release version 1.0 in the early part of 2002. It will be a modern, affordable and feature rich operating system. With your patience and support we can do it."

So there you have it.. we have snagged 2 screenshots from their site of Lindows in action, decide for yourself. They also offer for $99 an insider info agreement where you can get even more info of this, more on this inside.

Screenshot: Lindows 1.0 in action Screen 1 Screen 2

News source: Lindows.com (email)

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