"Longhorn" Alpha Preview

Cheers silly_walk for the heads up in Back Page News about the Supersite review on Longhorn. It was only a matter of time before Paul Thurrott had his say on the up and coming "Longhorn" Alpha Preview now you can see and read for yourself what he thinks, enjoy!

    Excerpt from the review: For this preview, I had originally written a long-winded backgrounder about the history of Longhorn, and the ways in which this project has changed over time. I'll save the lengthy exposition for a future review, however, and get right to the point: Longhorn is now considered a major Windows release by Microsoft, and early alpha builds are now testing at the company's Redmond campus. Last month, some of those builds leaked to the Internet, causing a stir in the Windows enthusiast community. I take a look at one of those builds here.

    One caveat, of course: This is an early alpha build and the final Longhorn product will bear little resemblance to what you see here. If you think back to the early Whistler builds, which featured the "Watercolor" visual style, you'll get the right idea: Longhorn is a work in progress, mostly current generation technology, and much of what's in there is just the same old stuff from XP. Major UI work, a database-based file system, integrated DVD burning, and other cool features are still to come

View: "Longhorn" Alpha Preview

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