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Longhorn at WinHec 2005 - Round-Up

Expectations were especially high this year, as attendees signed in to WinHec's first day, after they had received the pre-beta DVD copy of Windows Codenamed Longhorn, they were also invited to participate in the beta, a clear sign that Microsoft wants a lot of feedback on the successor to Windows XP.

Just a couple of hours later, reviews and screenshots were popping up all over the web, most if not all noted that DWM (Desktop Window Manager), wasn't enabled by default but people soon found out how to enable it, quickly realizing just why it was disabled in the first place, more on that later.

A day later, Microsoft started asking attendees to remove screenshots that had been posted on their respective sites (including Neowins' Tom Warren), a surprising move considering the Internet media presence at WinHec and the growing enthusiasm around anything Longhorn.

The explanation for the move seems to come down to the fact, that Microsoft have offered a build that really doesn't do too much justice to the builds being previewed at the conference. Enthusiastic writers were however, disappointed with Microsoft's heavy handed approach to screen shot removal.

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