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Look 'n' Stop 2.0.6

Look 'n' Stop is a personal Firewall. Secured by Look 'n' Stop, your PC becomes fully invisible to net hackers by stopping all suspicious traffic. Rated among the highest firewall in leak tests. Unlike other firewalls, Look 'n' Stop is optimized to keep your computer and your connection running at peak performance, consuming very little resources. Look n Stop comes preconfigured and ready to use out of the box, you can easily set it up with a few mouse clicks. Look 'n' Stop is detected as a trusted firewall by the Microsoft Windows Security Center (Windows XP SP2). Look 'n' Stop is compatible with ICS - You can share your Internet connection safely between several computers. Look 'n' Stop also has build in support for powerful plug-in extensions to add functionality. The individual Look 'n' Stop license has no time limit. There is no annual fee.

The final feature content as mentioned in the help file is the following:


    * Support for Windows Vista
    * Internet Filtering (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista only): IP V6 support
    * Application Filtering (Windows Vista only): IP V6 support
    * Internet Filtering (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista only): a new option to handle fragmented packets.
    * Application Filtering (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista only): a new option to have the application filtering still active even if Look 'n' Stop is stopped (persistent application filtering)
    * Application Filtering (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista only): possibility to add non standard extensions for parent applications.
    * New option to associate import files (.rie) to Look 'n' Stop. This allows to import files by clicking a link or double clicking on a .rie file.
    * Popup position is saved.
    * Direct access to a rule from the log (with a right click).
    * Service mode startup is now available in the options (not supported for Vista).
    * Rule edition: added "Equal/different from my @" for the MAC address.
    * Rule edition: added a "Local Port" criteria for port selection (by default this criteria selects the range 1024-5000, except under Vista it is 49152-65535).


    * Automatic selection of the network interface is anyway done on an excluded IP if no other network interface with a valid IP has been found..
    * Rule and log files are no longer saved in the Look 'n' Stop installation folder but in the following folder: "Documents and Settings[user]Local SettingsApplication Datalooknstop" (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista only; and for a fresh install only)
    * The registration is no longer done through the "Look 'n' Stop Code" but with an email address.
    * "Watch thread injection" and "Watch DNS calls" are no longer available for now.
    * An explicit option has been added on the command line to start several instances of Look 'n' Stop. A double-click on looknstop.exe no longer start a second instance.
    * When Look 'n' Stop is started in service mode, if the user log off, Look 'n' Stop is no longer stopped (and restarted).
    * Number of filtering rule is now 128 for the internet filtering.
    * Number of rules/applications is now 200 for application filtering.
    * Number of TCP SPI is now configurable through the registry
    * New display options in the TCP connections dialog box.
    * Added more information for TCP SPI alerts
    * In the dialog box to associate an application to a rule the full path of the selected application has been added.


    * Several fixes and improvements in TCP SPI (in particular in timeout handling)
    * Automatic selection of the network interface wasn't working in some particular circumstances.
    * After the popup windows is closed now the focus is put again on the initial application that has the focus before.
    * When editing a rule with a plugin, some criteria were not saved properly.
    * When an application was associated to a rule, modifying an attribute (log, allow/block) of the rule was also modifying its activation without looking to the application state..
    * Color display issue when started in service mode.
    * Fixed some attribute update displays in Internet Filtering page when the rule is updated by a plugin.
    * Internet Filtering (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista only): crash at startup with some ethernet adapter names
    * Application Filtering (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista only): Added a fix in process identification to detect some leaktests/malicious software changing application process path in user mode.
    * Problem sometimes when doing rule copy/paste in Internet Filtering.
    * When the settings were locked with a password, the quit menu in the tray icon was not greyed if a translation plugin was enabled.

Known issues:

    * Under XP: IPV6 Applications are not detected
    * When Look 'n' Stop is started as a service, the context help doesn't work (help file has to be started manually)
    * Under Vista: Features requiring Look 'n' Stop to be started as Admin:
          o The registration to the Windows security center
          o .rie file association


    * Plugins have to give their interface version now. Old plugins are considered as using interface 1.01 by default.
    * Rule edition: IPV6 compatibility, and 16 fields per rule available
    * Rule edition: added an AND/OR operator between two consecutive fields.
    * Rule edition: added an OR criteria with 3 values to be compared with.
    * Rule edition: Log attribute and Application list added to the interface.

Download: Look 'n' Stop 2.0.6
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