Lumia 900 gets New York City launch party on Friday

The Lumia 900 may not be officially going on sale until Sunday but that isn't stopping Nokia from having a party a couple of days ahead of time. The Windows Phone Retailer Twitter page has posted word that Nokia will be having a big launch event for the smartphone on Friday at 7 pm Eastern time in Times Square in New York City.

Details are scarce but the post does say there will be a special surprise appearance by an unnamed person or persons who will perform at the launch event. That's pretty much all we know at this point but if you happen to be in the area at that time you might want to check it out.

This is not the first time there's been a big Windows Phone launch in New York City. In November, Microsoft celebrated the launch of Windows 7.5 and the release of phones from HTC and Samsung with an outdoor event in New York City by constructing a massive Windows Phone display that was several stories tall.

There's no word if we will see a repeat of that for the Lumia 900 event but considering how much marketing money Nokia and Microsoft are putting into the Lumia 900 launch, we would not be surprised.

Image via Microsoft

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