Lumia 900 launches on Easter; some AT&T stores will still be closed

It's safe to say that Nokia, AT&T and Microsoft want the launch of the Windows Phone-based Lumia 900 to be as big as possible. However, the companies also all agreed to launch the smartphone in the US tomorrow, Easter Sunday. The problem, as the New York Times reports, is that some AT&T and Microsoft Store locations simply won't be open on that day.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed this situation, which means that if you wanted to drive to your local AT&T store or Microsoft Store location to buy the Lumia 900 tomorrow, it's entirely possible that you might be greeted with a "Closed" sign and a locked door.

However, no one at Microsoft, Nokia or AT&T would say why Easter Sunday was picked for the US launch date of the smartphone. While it's not unknown for some phones to get their official release on a Sunday, it does seem odd that those companies would pick Easter Sunday for the launch of the Lumia 900, perhaps the most anticipated Windows Phone release since the OS was launched in 2010.

However, as we have reported earlier, some people who pre-ordered the Lumia 900 online have already begun to receive their smartphones in the mail. Hopefully the matter of the retail launch happening on a day when many stores won't be open for business won't be a huge hurdle.

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