Mac users can now download the Opera GX ‘gaming browser'

Opera has announced the availability of Opera GX on macOS. The launch comes after a month of testing by an exclusive group and while it is stable and ready for use, the firm does point out that it’s not quite up to parity, in terms of features, with the Windows version.

If you’re unfamiliar with Opera GX, it is a browser marketed towards gamers. While it’s not a gaming platform itself, it comes with presets and features that gamers may appreciate such as the ability to limit the browser’s RAM, CPU, and network usage. It also has Twitch built-in so that you can quickly begin watching Twitch streams in a convenient manner. Additionally, with the GX Corner, you can stay up-to-date with the best deals, newest game releases, and gaming news.

According to the Opera GX website, the developers are currently working on a feature called video over game. This will allow you to watch tutorials, walkthroughs, streams and other video content in a window floating over your game; to be clear, this feature isn’t out yet but it’s in development.

With gaming largely an activity carried out on Windows, Opera GX is likely to appeal to less Mac users overall. According to a survey of those in the U.S., Opera found that gamers use Windows the most at 82%, while macOS came in at 14%. Overall, however, 14% still makes up a sizable group that will benefit from Opera GX with today’s launch.

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