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Major changes upcoming for Everquest II

As if the upcoming expansion Kingdom of Sky and the much anticipated PvP enabled Update 19 weren't enough, some pretty major changes are coming very soon to the world of Everquest II. As Everquest II continues to grow and new subscribers come in, Scott Hartsman the Senior Producer of Everquest II outlined a series of server consolidations and changes. On Thursday 2/2/06 the Character Transfer Service which normally has a small fee, will be opened to all users for free, for one character transfer to any server, other than the Antonia Bayle server.

At about the same time as this, the 19th Update to the game will go live, and add the much anticipated Player versus Player combat to the game. Also, for any placeholder characters, specifically characters that are at or below level 5 and have less than 1 gold in the game will be deleted. This is due to some major database changes. If you wish to keep any character you have that fits this criteria, you must log in once on that character before the update. Following these events, from the 6th to the 17th of February there will be server consolidations.

On Monday, 2/6/2006, Faydark will move into Befallen

On Tuesday, 2/7/2006, Innothule will move into Crushbone

On Wednesday, 2/8/2006, Steamfont will move into Oasis

On Thursday, 2/9/2006, Oggok will move into Blackburrow

On Friday, 2/10/2006, Neriak will move into Kithicor

On Monday, 2/13/2006, Lavastorm will move into Nektulos

On Tuesday, 2/14/2006, Grobb will move into Everfrost

On Wednesday, 2/15/2006, Highkeep will move into Butcherblock

On Thursday, 2/16/2006, Toxxulia will move into Guk

On Friday, 2/17/2006, Shadowhaven will move into The Bazaar

Then during the weekend of the 17th, as part of the pre-launch celebration for Kingdom of Sky, there will be a Bonus Experience Weekend for everyone along with the already planned live event of that weekend leading to the expansions release. On Monday 2/20, after everyone has decided whether or not they like their new server, the Character Transfer Service will go back to charging for character transfers again, and Antonia Bayle will open up once again. On Tuesday 2/21, Kingdom of Sky will be coming to all servers and 5 new PvP servers will open. Two in the US, one in the EU, one for German language users and one for French language users. A total of 31 worlds will then be available.

For the rest of this long discussion on the upcoming changes, including the effects on Guilds and Player names head on over to the Producer's Letter forum thread on Everquest II site.

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