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"Malicious" Android app ousts pirates, steals data

It's not every day pirates get called out for breaking the laws, but a new Android application does just that.

CNET reports that a "malicious" Android application, that appears to be a "free" version of an application that exists in the Marketplace is doing the rounds on peer to peer and file sharing sites today, according to Symantec. The application is called "Walk and Text" and allows users to see what's in front of them while texting by using the camera to create a transparent background as they text. 

Symantec reports that the application displays a message to tell the user that the application has been "compromised" or "cracked" and in the meantime gathers the phones username, phone number and unique identifier, and sends it to a remote server. In addition to this, it sends a text message to every contact of the victim's phone reading, spelling errors and all;

"Hey, just downloaded a pirated App off the Internet, Walk and Text for Android. Im stupid and cheap, it costed only 1 buck.Don't steal like I did!"

Finally, the software says to the user;

"We really hope you learned something from this. Check your phone bill;) Oh and don't forget to buy the App from the Market." It includes buttons for buying the app or exiting.

Apparently, the version number is labeled as 1.3.7, which is a build that doesn't exist yet. Perhaps the developer intentionally put this around the web to stop cracking? More information about the application can be found over on the Symantec blog.

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