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Man in Facebook lawsuit passes polygraph

In April of this year, Neowin reported on the complaint filed by a man named Paul D. Ceglia against Facebook. The complaint filed included multiple documents and emails.. Ceglia claims that he should have a 50 percent stake in the company after Mark Zuckerberg said the endeavor was failing and proceded to launch the site anyway. Now there is a new development in the case against Facebook, according to Fox News.

Paul Ceglia has now cleared a polygraph examination to determine the veracity of the alleged contract he signed with Zuckerberg, according to Ceglia's lawyers. This polygraph exam was given as a result of Ceglia's opposition to Facebook requesting that he turn over the contract and all emails without Facebook having to reciprocate. The polygraph examiner concluded that the test given to Ceglia showed no deception in his responses to questions regarding the contract and emails sent between him and Zuckerberg. Ceglia stated on Friday that "I respectfully suggest that Mark Zuckerberg undergo the same polygraph examination that I have in order to expose who is really telling the truth." Ceglia's lawyers have asked the courts to allow both sides to inspect all documents and emails, instead of only allowing Facebook to do so. Zuckerberg's lawyers maintain that the contract is fraudulent and that Ceglia has a history of performing "scams".

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