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Man sues Apple because Siri doesn't meet his expectations

A California man has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, because he says that Siri does not perform as well as it does in TV commercials advertising the iPhone 4S.

The lawsuit, filed on March 6, 2012 in the Northern District of California by one Frank Fazio, claims that Apple violated California's Consumer Legal Remedies Act and Unfair Competition Law, as well as breached its warranty and allegedly practiced false and misleading advertising.

The class action complaint explains Fazio's issues with Siri: "Promptly after the purchase of his iPhone 4S, [Fazio] realized that Siri was not performing as advertised. For instance, when [Fazio] asked Siri for directions to a certain place, or to locate a store, Siri either did not understand what Plaintiff was asking, or after a very long wait time, responded with the wrong answer."

As it is a class action lawsuit, other iPhone 4S owners could potentially benefit if Fazio's lawyers have their way. The lawyers claim that they seek to end sales of the iPhone 4S, as well as claim damages, naturally.

"Notwithstanding Apple’s extensive multi-million dollar advertising campaign showcasing the Siri feature, and the fact that the iPhone 4S is more expensive than the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S’s Siri feature does not perform as advertised, rendering the iPhone 4S merely a more expensive iPhone 4," the suit claims.

However, the lawsuit does recognize that Siri is a beta product, though it rationalizes this by claiming that the fact that Siri is in beta is not salient enough in Apple's marketing and advertising campaign.

Apple representatives have unsurprisingly declined to comment so far.

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