Marvell leverages PCI Express in network controller

Marvell Semiconductor will announce and demonstrate at the Intel Developer Forum this week a server network controller that takes advantage of PCI Express' multilane capability for high-speed throughput. The controller, based on a new Marvell server I/O chip called Yukon II, features two Gigabit Ethernet ports to link the server to the LAN and talks to the server using a 4-lane PCI Express interface. PCI Express, which is replacing PCI (peripheral component interconnect) as the next-generation server I/O bus, can have as many as 16 sets of wires, or "lanes," to support bandwidth as great as 16G bps (bits per second). Marvell claims the Yukon II-based adapter can support bidirectional bandwidth (combined input and output) of 3.7Gbps.

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News source: InfoWorld

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