MediaTek announces the Dimensity 700 to bring 5G to the mass market

Today, MediaTek announced the Dimensity 700, its latest 5G chipset. What makes this one unique is that it brings 5G to lower-end devices; previously, the company only offered Dimensity 800 series and up. It's another step toward 5G becoming ubiquitous in the market.

The Dimensity 700 can support dual-SIM sub6 5G, and can support global bands. It also comes with support for up to 2CC 5G carrier aggregation, and up to 2.77Gbps downlink speeds. As you'd expect from MediaTek, the 5G modem is integrated into the chipset.

As for the rest of the SoC, it's built on a 7nm process, making it 28% more efficient than an 8nm SoC, and it gets up to 2.2GHz clock speeds. It supports 1GBps UFS 2.2 storage and 2133MHz LPDDR4x memory. This chipset also supports high refresh rate displays, so your next budget phone might come with a 90Hz Full HD+ screen. For the camera, it supports up to 64MP resolution, along with some AI features.

MediaTek also boasted voice assistant support from brands like Amazon, Baidu, Google, Tencent, and more. Also, the chipset offers new power-saving technologies that the company is calling UltraSave, including Network Environment Detection, OTA Content Awareness, Dynamic BWP, and Connected mode DRX.

MediaTek didn't specify when Dimensity 700 devices will be available.

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