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Meet the Neowinian: Neowin joins Team Fortress 2

Meet the Neowinian

A fierce temper, a fascination with all things technology and a terrible plan to overtake Rappy’s post count cost the Neowinian much of his early childhood. Like a bat, the Neowinian does not appear to sleep, spending much of his time clicking away at a single button. Unplugging his router or spilling Mountain Dew all over his server will get you ripped limb from limb. Though he speaks using Internet slang, the Neowinian is not dumb, he’s not your buddy and you’re not his friend.

And now...

Coinciding with the recent release of Valve’s Team Fortress 2 on the Mac, Neowin has joined in the fun setting up the community's own official server sanctioned by Neobond himself! Hosted by Veteran EmuZombie, the server is currently located in Chicago, Illinois running the Amplifier mod.

With the Engineer class selected, players will have the option of choosing between a Dispenser and an Amplifier. With an Amplifier constructed, the building does not give off health and ammunition like a Dispenser, rather it causes all nearby teammates’ shots to be critical. The mod provides a fun twist and makes for an exciting game.

Neowin subscribers of any level also receive extra perks including:

  • Custom achievements
  • Auto balance immunity
  • End round immunity

Please see this thread for more information. (View restricted to current subscribers)

Players can access the official Neowin server by connecting to IP address and port: The server can also easily be found by setting the game to filter the tag 'Neowin'.

Want to join but aren't sure how? Here's a brief tutorial:

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