Meizu makes it official, Pro 7 smartphone with dual-display launching on July 26

If you were looking for a new Android handset, chances are you might have been contemplating an option from either LG or Samsung. While both of these companies offer tempting solutions, there are plenty of other devices on the horizon that could heat up this summer's selection.

For the past month or so, we have been seeing various leaks of an upcoming handset from Meizu that features a dual-display. The Pro 7 isn't like what we have seen before with the likes of the LG V20, but more akin to the YotaPhone that features another display on the rear of the device. Although in past leaks it looked to offer a full-color display, there is still the chance that the Pro 7 will arrive with an e-ink screen.

Finally laying rumors to rest, Meizu has come out and made it official, stating that the handset will be unveiled on July 26. Along with the announcement, the firm has also shared some new images of the handset, giving us a look at the hardware in what could be its retail packaging.

The idea of having a second display is interesting, but it really depends on how well it can be implemented and how much it can enhance a user's experience. This will be a key point that Meizu will hopefully shed light on at its official reveal event next week.

Source: Android Police

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