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Stardock announces DesktopGPT, and it's free for Object Desktop customers


Stardock has announced a new desktop application today that puts the power of AI at your fingertips. DesktopGPT is an application that is exclusive to Object Desktop that brings the latest AI models to Windows 10/11 for quick interactions and powerful prompting with templates.

With DesktopGPT, Stardock is bringing the power of AI to desktop with unique features that makes it easy to jump in-and-out of interacting with multiple large language models (LLM) with a keyboard-first experience. With access to GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-4, and GPT-4 Turbo, users have flexibility to easily move between models to find the right tool for their interactions.

From left to right: DesktopGPT with template panel open, DesktopGPT with response panel open, and DesktopGPT with response modifier panel open.

A core feature of DesktopGPT are the powerful templates that make it easy for beginners and advanced users to engage with various LLMs. From translating text in multiple languages, to writing cover letters or subject lines for emails, DesktopGPT focuses on quick interactions to improve your workflow.

“DesktopGPT is the evolution of a tool that we were using internally at Stardock to help us be more effective with our AI interactions” said Brad Sams, General Manager of Stardock Software. “And at the heart of DesktopGPT are templates that are a powerful way to streamline your repetitive tasks”

Image: DesktopGPT settings panel

DesktopGPT is the perfect complement to Object Desktop that is known for its productivity and personalization apps. With the new desktop application, we are once again raising the value of our suite of desktop enhancements with the inclusion of a new application for no additional cost.

Here's a few of the app's highlights:

  • DesktopGPT brings the latest models, including GPT-4 Turbo, directly to the desktop.
  • Keyboard-first interface means you never have to take your hands off the keyboard.
  • Templates make it easy to get curated responses to common tasks.
  • Users can create their own templates that allow them to streamline repetitive tasks.
  • Response modifiers make it easy to vary a response with pre-made modifiers.
  • All Object Desktop customers get 75,000 tokens at no additional cost.

DesktopGPT is available now exclusively for Object Desktop customers at no additional cost. At this time, Stardock are not planning to offer DesktopGPT independent of Object Desktop.

Object Desktop includes programs such as Fences, Start11, Groupy, SoundPackager, DeskScapes and Multiplicity.

Disclaimer: Neowin's relationship to Stardock

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