Men of Valor multiplayer bonus map pack

2015 has released a multiplayer bonus map pack for Men of Valor, expanding their recent Vietnam-based first-person shooter. This pack offers five new maps: An Coung, Cholon 1969, Hill 881N, Twilight Valley, and Valley Battle.

New Maps:

  • An Coung - The US and VC battle for control of a small hamlet along a river in South Vietnam.

  • Cholon, 1969 - Revisit the Cholon district during the Mini-Tet offensive of 1969.

  • Hill 881N - The US must fight their way up a heavily cratered hill in posession of the Vietcong.

  • Twilight Valley - The US and VC fight in the murky light of twilight in the Iron Trigangle.

  • Valley Battle - The US and VC wage a pitched battle at night in a steep river valley.
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News source: 3D Gamers

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