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Microsoft accuses former manager of stealing 600MB of data

Microsoft is accusing a former manager of taking 600MB of confidential documents with him when he left late last year. Former manager at Microsoft, Matt Miszewski, is being accused of having a "large trove of materials - 600 megabytes of information comprising over 900 separate files (estimated at 25,000 pages)," according to Computerworld.com.

When Miszewski left his position on December 31, 2010 to accept a senior vice president job with Salesforce.com, he took a large stash of confidential documents with him. Miszewski claimed he had only taken personal items with him, but Microsoft later discovered the large document cache on his personal computer, which contained roughly 25,000 pages of confidential documents, roughly 600MB of data.

The confidential documents contained a number of cloud computing strategic plans, products, and services for 2011; a valuable asset to Miszewski new company, Salesforce.com.

Since the discovery of the documents on Miszewski personal computer, Microsoft motioned the courts to change his existing temporary restraining order to a longer term preliminary injunction, that would continue to block Miszewski from working at Salesforce.com.

"It defies reason to assume that Miszewski could perform his new role at Salesforce.com without using Microsoft's extensive confidential information, and Miszewski has already evidenced a clear disregard for both his non-compete obligation and the integrity of Microsoft's confidential materials."

Salesforce.com offers cloud-based services for businesses, personal and even mobile computing. The company directly competes against Microsoft's Azure service.

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