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Microsoft acquires software container company Deis

Cloud computing is an important component of any developer's efforts towards seamless scalability. Microsoft knows this, which is why it has invested a lot in its Azure platform, with very good return on investment.

To further evolve its offering, Microsoft has announced it will be acquiring software container provider Deis, for an as of yet undisclosed amount of money. This move would allow the software giant to have its own in-house container solution. You may remember Microsoft partnered with container provider Docker a few years ago, with some even suggesting that a potential acquisition was discussed.

For those not familiar, Deis creates open source software such as Helm, Workflow and Steward. The package manager, platform and service broker (respectively) are built for Google-developed Kubernetes, a system which allows for the automated deployment and scaling of containerized applications. In essence, a modular approach to app deployment and management, which allows for more flexibility on the developer's part.

Regarding the acquisition, the Executive VP of Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise and Group, Scott Guthrie, stated:

We expect Deis’ technology to make it even easier for customers to work with our existing container portfolio including Linux and Windows Server Containers, Hyper-V Containers and Azure Container Service, no matter what tools they choose to use.

Deis' CTO, Gabrien Monroy was equally enthusiastic about this development:

Over the years, we have worked hard to be open, reliable, and dependable open source maintainers. From our new home at Microsoft you should expect nothing less. We will continue our contributions to Workflow, Helm, and Steward and look forward to maintaining our deep engagement with the Kubernetes community. The future of open source infrastructure at Microsoft is very bright.

There is no word currently on when the acquisition will be finalized.

Source: Microsoft | Image: Deis

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