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Microsoft backs out of acquisition talks with Hulu

Hulu has not been shy about its intentions of wanting to be purchased by a larger corporation. There have been many rumors about who has actually been in talks with the organization over the past few weeks; one such company speculated to be in talks was Microsoft.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is now out of the game and is no longer pursuing Hulu. Bloomberg states that Microsoft told Hulu executives sometime last week that it would not go into a second round of talks about a possible acquisition of the platform. It is being reported that Hulu has met with as many as 8 other companies including Google, Yahoo! and AT&T.

What Microsoft would have actually done with Hulu may have been a somewhat of a mystery. Microsoft already has its own media propagation platform and adding Hulu may have overlapped in too many areas for Microsoft to seriously consider the purchase.

The future of Hulu at this time is still up in the air. While it is almost certain that the company will be sold, there are currently no frontrunners for the acquisitions. Hulu made itself popular by offering consumers the ability to watch television shows on the own computer which allowed them to bypass cable operators.

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