Microsoft Band to be sold at Best Buy, Target and Amazon

Microsoft has announced that it is expanding the range of retail locations at which its Band is available. The device, before this announcement, was only available at Microsoft's stores and website but that changes today with the device now being sold at Best Buy, Target and Amazon.

It's no secret that Microsoft has had issues keeping the Band in stock but the company says that it is 'ramping up inventory' which means that it has fixed the supply chain issues that hampered the availability of the device.

Microsoft's Band was met with a warm reception when it went on sale late last year with the device quickly selling out. We will be curious to see if there is still the same vigor for the device now that they have product to sell or if Microsoft missed the hype train.

Expanding retail availability of the device in the US will certainly help raise awareness as not every consumer lives near a Microsoft Store. Seeing that Best Buy and Target are new options to see the device in-person before purchasing, this should help Microsoft shift a few more units.

If you are tempted by the fitness peripheral, make sure to check out our review before you go buy the device so you know what to expect once you unbox your Band.

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