Microsoft begins pushing out certificate update to WP7

Microsoft has begun pushing out the first update since NoDo to help thwart fake certificates that are currently circulating the web. The notifications are currently being pushed out OTA, but the update requires you to update using the Zune client.

The update which is described as being a critical fix, according to WMpoweruser, corrects an issue related to fraudulent third party digital certificates. Microsoft is issuing the patch in the name of security to help protect end users from fake certificates. Microsoft pushed out the update with little noise and the update will change the OS build to 7392.

Microsoft is working hard to promote WP7 as it represents the future for the company's mobile offerings. With a thin margin for error because of previous update woes, many are watching Microsoft's next moves carefully to see if they can finally amend the issues of the past.

Going forward, Microsoft will update WP7 with 'Mango' or as it is now being called WP7.5, to bring more features to the platform. With Nokia coming on to help create hardware for WP7, the future is bright for the platform, that is, as long as it keeps the updates rolling out in a timely fashion.

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