Alienware M18x laptop now on sale; M15x laptop discontinued

Dell's Alienware gaming PC division has just put it's latest product on sale. It's the massive "desktop replacement" m18x gaming PC laptop. While it's not exactly made for extensive travel the M18x is designed to be an alternative for those folks who don't want a huge tower-case PC and monitor for their gaming needs.

Now available to purchase at the Alienware web site, the M18x laptop has a "starting' weight of nearly 12 pounds. As its name implies it comes with an 18.4 inch display screen with support for up to 1080p resolution. You are not limited to just one graphics chip choice. The M18x allows the customer to choose from either a Nvidia GeForce GTX460M or an AMD Radeon HD6970M graphics chip. You can even choose to double up for SLI (for Nvidia) or Crossfire X (for AMD) support. You can also choose your Intel processor as well, up to getting a factory over-clocked Intel Core i7 Extreme Quad Core processor with speeds up to 4 GHz. There's also support for up to 32 GB of memory for the laptop

While the monitor isn't 3D capable, the M18x also allows folks to hook up the laptop to a supporting 3D monitor for playing games. There's also wireless HD options where you can show content on an external screen with no need for a cable to connect the laptop and monitor. Pricing for the M18x starts at a rather expensive $1999.

While Alienware is adding a new product it is also discontinuing another. Engadget has confirmed that the division is no longer selling its M15x laptop product. That means the laptop line consists, at least at the moment, of the ultra-portable M11x, the portable and recently released M14x, the large M17x and the new massive M18x.


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