Microsoft creates epic nostalgia with 90s laden IE commercial

Microsoft's been on a streak of creating entertaining IE videos and that trend continues today with a bit of nostalgia with a 90s laden IE video that talks about growing up and using IE.

The video, which if you grew up in the 90s, will hit you right in the feels as it goes back in time to Pogs, Hungry Hungry Hippos, slap bracelets and so much more as Microsoft tries to raise awareness about Internet Explorer;the theme is that you grew up, and so did Internet Explorer. 

The video is part of the company’s “Browser You Love(d) to Hate” campaign which is intended to shine a light on the fact that Microsoft has made a lot of changes to the IE platform and if you previously despised the platform, it’s time to take a second look.

It's refreshing to see that Microsoft knows that IE has a perception issue and these fun and quirky videos take that information to heart as they try to sway public opinion on the browser. Only the test of time will tell if these videos are able to change the perception of IE but we must admit, we hope the videos keep coming as it is some of the best marketing material to come out of Microsoft in several years. 

Source: Microsoft on YouTube

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