Microsoft Edge 99 is here with custom primary passwords and preparations for v100

A couple of days ago, Google Chrome 99 hit general availability with a bunch of Chromium enhancements. Now, Microsoft's Edge browser has reached the same version with a bunch of backend and frontend improvements.

Microsoft Edge 99 logo on a red background with spy password and padlock logos

For starters, people who use multiple profiles in Edge can now create a custom list of websites for each profile. When you launch a website mentioned in your custom lists, Edge will automatically open it in your preferred profile.

Navigating PDF documents is easier too, you can simply use page thumbnails in the left pane to jump between pages. Microsoft is also prepping for the imminent release of Microsoft Edge version in this release, with the company noting that:

Starting with version 100, Microsoft Edge will send a three-digit version number in the User-Agent header, for example "Edg/100". Starting with Microsoft Edge 97, site owners can test this upcoming agent string by enabling the #force-major-version-to-100 experiment flag in edge://flags to ensure their User-Agent parsing logic is robust and works as expected.

There are some enhancements over on the password management front too. You can utilize the PasswordManagerBlocklist policy to identify a list of domains where you don't want to leverage password manager. Autofill workflows will be disabled for these domains.

Another interesting capability is the option to set custom primary passwords. Edge users can now define a custom string as their primary password. Only when they authenticate first using this string will they be able to utilize autofill capabilities for credentials on a webpage. The idea is to stop unauthorized users from using your saved passwords by adding another layer of security.

There are lots of other policy- and security-related changes in Edge 99 that you can check out here as well. The current Stable version of Edge is 99.0.1150.30. You can click on the three-dotted menu and then navigate to Help and feedback > About Microsoft Edge to trigger the update.

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