Microsoft Edge slowly gets more popular among users

The logos of the four most popular browsers in line of their popularity

Last month, for the first time since its introduction seven years ago, Microsoft Edge climbed past the 10% mark. Edge is now the second most popular browser, and in May 2022, it managed to increase its market share slightly.

According to StatCounter, Microsoft Edge currently has a 10.11% global desktop browsers market share. In May 2022, the percentage went up by 0.04 points. Google Chrome was, is, and will be the most popular browser for quite a while. Its current market share is 66.1%, unreachable for any competitor in the foreseeable future.

Apple's Safari is third with 9.16%, which is 0.46 points lower than in April 2022. Mozilla Firefox is fourth with 7.66%, and Opera closes the top 5 desktop browsers with 2.81%. Opera and Edge were the only two browsers that gained new users in May 2022.

Interestingly, about 1.68% of users still use the almost-deceased Internet Explorer. Microsoft wants to change that and move every IE customer to the Edge browser by offering a dedicated IE mode.

Here is a breakdown of the global desktop browser market:

  1. Google Chrome - 66.1% (-0.57)
  2. Microsoft Edge - 10.11% (+0.04)
  3. Apple Safari - 9.16% (-0.46)
  4. Mozilla Firefox - 7.66% (-0.21)
  5. Opera - 2.81% (+0.37)

Google Chrome also crushes any competition on the mobile side, although Apple firmly holds a quarter of the market. Microsoft, which was quite late to the party with a mobile version of Edge, is nowhere to be found in the top 5 list:

  1. Google Chrome - 64.83% (+1.26)
  2. Apple Safari - 24.77% (-0.05)
  3. Samsung Internet - 4.84% (-0.06)
  4. Opera - 1.72% (-0.16)
  5. UC Browser - 1.25% (-0.16)

Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and other developers try to attract new customers and maintain existing ones by pushing regular updates with new features. Google recently released Chrome 102 with PWA improvements; Mozilla pleased its customers by restoring the old downloads prompt in Firefox 101, and Microsoft shipped several bug fixes in Edge 102.

Source: StatCounter

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