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Microsoft Excel on the web is getting version history, multiple range selection, and more

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Today, Microsoft announced a bunch of new that are coming to Excel on the web. First up is easier navigation. There's a new All Sheets button that can take you directly to the worksheet you want in a multiple-worksheet workbook.

Next up is multiple range selection. Now, you can select multiple ranges that aren't connected to each other. All you have to do is hold down the Ctrl key while you're doing it.

Also, keyboard shortcuts now work by default. Remember, this is for Excel on the web, and that means that it's happening in a browser window. Previously, shortcuts would direct to the browser by default; now they'll work in Excel by default. You can still change this in settings.

There are more ways to zoom in and out now, such as pinch to zoom on a touchscreen or the touchpad, Ctrl + mouse wheel, Ctrl Alt +/- keys, +/- buttons, and you can manually select a zoom option in the bottom-right corner. And if that's not enough, Microsoft says that there's a zoom button coming in the ribbon under the View tab.

Excel on the web showing version history

Next up is version history, which is exactly what it sounds like. As seen in the GIF above, you can easily track version history by going to File -> Info -> Version History.

Finally, while it's not the sexiest of improvements, there are more ways to select regional settings, such as going to File -> Options -> Regional Format Settings, or going to the Number Format drop down list -> More Number Formats. This allows you to do things like set date formats and such.

All of these features should be live now at Office.com.

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