Microsoft finds a way to create something more offensive than tweet choir

Microsoft certainly knows how to throw a party and also think outside the box when it comes to creating a show at one of its many conferences. In a video posted online yesterday, Microsoft put together (or likely hired an outside firm) to create a song that they used to hype up a conference for developers. 

While the song is certainly innocent enough at the beginning, it quickly goes downhill and includes drug references and says “The words MICRO and SOFT don’t apply to my penis.” The song has quickly turned in to a Microsoft PR nightmare and the company acted quickly and issued the following statement: 

“This week’s Norwegian Developer’s Conference included a skit that involved inappropriate and offensive elements and vulgar language. We apologize to our customers and our partners and are actively looking into the matter.”

Obviously the company would have liked to avoid such publicity and know that this is an isolated incident and the company is clearly above making penis jokes. With the acutal bit of news out of the way, if you want to call it that, we posted up for you listening pleasure the Tweet Choir presentation at CES. For those that don't remember, this was another on-stage disaster of a different kind for the company, while not vulgar, it was certainly nails on the chalkboard for all of those in attendance. 

The question remains, when comparing the two incidents, which is more offensive?

Source: Geekwire

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