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Microsoft fixes its 'game-changing' Windows 11 feature after months of neglect [Update]

A screenshot of Spotify integration in the Windows CLock app

Update May 16: Microsoft notified us that the problem had been fixed in version 11.2302.5.0. It is now available in the Microsoft Store.

Windows Clock, one of Windows 11's stock applications, has a neat feature that lets you link your Spotify account and play productivity-focused playlists when enabling focus sessions. Confusingly, the thing Panos Panay called in 2021 a "game-changer" ended up broken for many months due to an expired certificate. Earlier this month, we contacted Microsoft for a word on the situation, and the company confirmed issues with linking Spotify to the Windows Clock app. After a few more weeks of waiting, the problem is finally gone.

Connecting your Spotify account to Windows 11 now opens the proper login screen with a prompt to link your account. Previously, an attempt to sign in resulted in a blank "Connecting to a service" window. Problems and bugs like this usually do not require updating the affected apps, but you can still check the Microsoft Store for updates for good measure.

A screenshot of the Focus Sessions section in the Windows Clock app
As Darth Vader once said in its youth, ITS WORKING, ITS WORKING!

For those unfamiliar, Focus Sessions is a Windows 11 feature that lets you select a reminder from your to-do lists, set a time, pick a playlist in Spotify, and mute all notifications to focus on a specific task without distraction. You can start a focus session from the Clock app or the calendar flyout. It is indeed a great feature for those who want to improve their productivity and work without interruption from other apps. And although one may question whether it is a "game-changer," it is great to see Microsoft finally fixing its broken applications.

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