Microsoft France states NoDo will arrive second half of March

Microsoft had quite the issue on its hands when their first update caused issues for 10% of its user base. Microsoft was originally going to push out the NoDo update on March 8, but with such issues in the first update, it is believed that they held off on the update.

Several weeks ago Steve Ballmer stated that NoDo would land in early March, but if Microsoft France is correct, it looks like the update is now being pushed back to the second half. (via Zdnet) spotted that Microsoft France posted to its public relations blog that Nodo would now be landing in the second half of March. 

Microsoft has yet to specifically say a date, but if Microsoft France is correct, then we may be waiting even longer for the much anticipated update to the WP7 platform.

The delay is most likely related to the issues that Microsoft had with its first official update and engineers are most likely working overtime to make sure that the issue does not happen again. If Microsoft does delay it, it will be another bump in the long road to this update.

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