Online storage for game saves lands on PS3 tomorrow

Sony have finally confirmed the news that cloud-storage for game saves is heading to the PlayStation 3 via a system update that will be released tomorrow. As expected, the feature requires that you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

As predicted on Neowin back in January, the feature will allow users to save their games to the cloud and then access them across other PlayStation 3 systems.

The feature will allow gamers to store up to 150MB of game save data and will have a maximum of 1000 data files per PlayStation Network account. Although users are unlikely to ever hit the 1000 data file limit, save games can be 5mb each or more. One big bit of news is that it will also let users back up “copy-prohibited save data” which can be restored onto other PlayStation 3 consoles once every 24 hours.

Uploading save games to the cloud should be compatible with most PlayStation 3 titles, though the official blog mentions that from today onwards, all new releases will have the ability to do online saving.

At the moment the service will only be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers. PlayStation Plus currently costs $18 for a three-month subscription or $50 for a yearly subscription and allows users early access to demos, free games, and store discounts.

PlayStation 3 system software update version 3.60 will be released tomorrow and will contain additional small features that the company will announce when it goes live. As part of the preparation for the update, the PlayStation Network will be down for maintenance from 8am to 7pm PT today.

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