Microsoft gaming PC page still fails to deliver

Microsoft's Gaming page has always been somewhat of a joke. Now it looks like Microsoft is getting their act together by updating this page, and by recognizing new & better gamming hardware. Last month Microsoft reviled its Game Advisory, which gives users some pretty cool features. Like being able to check to see if your system can handle the game, and of course parental controls. With Microsoft's sight now on gamers one can only imagine what features will be coming out to make gamming on Windows even better.

The Inquirer reported earlier in the month that Microsoft had planned to update its less than accurate gaming PC page, which readily and dutifully plugged the Intel P4 processor and HyperThreading technology, but failed to mention what I believe is the best processor for gaming - the AMD Athlon 64. The software behemoth has updated its offending page, but it still leaves much to be desired.


Processor section: The author says that the 3GHz Intel P4 "is a great start", but failed to say that the Athlon 64 is the best processor for gaming. He refers to it as "also a good choice". I would have said "better choice". He also demotes the better performing processor to the second paragraph, which doesn't give the chip and AMD the kudos that they have earned.

News source: The Inquirer

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