Microsoft has created a new team inside Windows to build ‘secret' apps

Microsoft has a lot of secrets it tries to keep out of the public domain until they are ready to be unveiled at a public showcase. While some of the secrets do make their way out from behind the Redmond walls, it looks like Microsoft has built a new team inside Windows vNext to develop ‘risky’ based apps.

The information was spotted by Stephen Chapman who found the information above on a Linked.In profile page. Further, if you read the quote below from another online resume, it dives a bit deeper into what the team is doing.

After a re-organisation, some people of my team and I moved in a brand new team inside Windows vNext. The team is called Inbox Experience/Platform Showcase Apps. The goal of my team is toship the most fun/secret/risky/showcasable apps inside Windows and its ecosystem. My job is to be a C++ developer (WinRT, XAML, DirectX, Drivers, COM, WRL, Win32 and co). I work at a feature level/scope (features owner).

The idea of the team is to build showcase apps that truly deliver on the power of the Windows ecosystem. The best parallel that you can draw now is how Microsoft showcases the ‘Fresh Paint’ application to show off how innovates Windows 8 truly is.

From the language used to describe the new role, it looks like this new team will be building more of these types of applications to help build the case that Windows 8 truly is the future. If this team is capable of building a few killer apps for the platform, it could do wonders for the brand perception of Windows 8.

Source: MSFTKitchen

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