Microsoft introduces 2nd iPhone app - Microsoft Tag

Microsoft has unveiled its next iPhone app, Microsoft Tag.

The idea behind the Microsoft Tag application is that you just aim your camera phone at a Tag and instantly access mobile content, videos, music, contact information, maps, social networks, promotions, and more.

Tag is similar to QR Codes, however Microsoft is using HCCB bar codes so instead of storing the data using square pixels it uses triangle shapes and colours. The difference is that Microsoft Tags don't actually store the information. All it stores is a unique ID which it then sends to Microsoft's servers. This way, you can include much more information, and more variety of information, then if it was just on the tag itself.

Tech Flash reporter Todd Bishop recently interviewed Microsoft's Mac chief Eric Wilfrid about iPhone app plans. Wilfrid didn't reveal Microsoft's app plans but if todays announcements are anything to go by we may see more Microsoft apps hitting the iPhone this year. Microsoft introduced its first iPhone application, Seadragon, in December last year.

Below you can see the app running on an iPhone:

Tag is available for iPhone, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Blackberry, and Symbian S60 phones. In order to get the application just visit on your mobile phone browser. Checkout the video below for a demonstration on how it works.

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